It may be very possible to have a deep, enjoyable courting with Jesus Christ. As a rely of truth, that’s what He desires – you were created to fellowship with Him! Unfortunately, in many instances we find ourselves at arm’s period spiritually. We attend church every Sunday as an act of obedience, but we don’t actively engage in praise and worship, or we pay attention to the sermon, but fail to use the Word to our daily existence.

But, there may be accurate news! If you desire a near, intimate dating with Christ, it’s miles within your reach. He would love not anything extra than to befriend you! You can shorten the space among you and Christ through taking the initiative to clearly searching for a deeper relationship with Him.

Here are five easy ways to draw closer to Him daily:

1. Pray without ceasing. Do you’ve got a designated “prayer time” every day? Perhaps you pray at the same time as nonetheless lying in bed in the morning or at some point of your every day travel to paintings. Maybe you robotically isolate your lunch hour or a couple of minutes earlier than mattress for prayer. Having a chosen prayer time has its region inside the existence of a Christian, but it can inadvertently end up a taxing obligation. Adhering to a rigorous time table of prayer can purpose us to lose the sincerity of our intimate moments with our Lord.

Instead, attempt conversing with Him for the duration of the direction of your day. Share your thoughts with Him whilst in the shower within the morning. Talk with him while status at the water cooler at work. Ask Him to talk to you while preparing dinner within the nighttime. Thank Him for the lovely climate for the duration of your afternoon walk. Spend time alone with Him while you take a seat in rush hour traffic. Spend those moments listening for the Holy Spirit. Prayer can be easy. It want now not be obligatory and draining. Challenge your self to keep loving conversations with God all day lengthy. Any time you spend all day, every day virtually and brazenly talking with a person, the result will constantly be a deeper, extra enriching relationship!

2. Go on a “God Watch”. In Experiencing God, certainly one of my favorite Bible studies by Henry Blackaby, he advises us to observe what God is doing round us and get worried in His work. Take some days to observe God moving and operating round you. Keep your Keeping the Sabbath eyes open for possibilities He creates with the intention to percentage the love of Christ with friends, circle of relatives and co-employees. Say to Him, “God, I am to be had for you these days. Show me in which to paintings to your Kingdom.” When you adjust your will to God’s will, and also you do what He goals, He will use you in methods you by no means imagined! St. Matthew 7:7 says “…Searching for and also you shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you.” If you look for Him, you may locate Him working all around you. And while you get worried in His work, it’ll absolutely draw you closer to Him. And, as an delivered bonus, it’ll boom your religion one hundredfold!

Three. Sing His praises! The Psalms say that the Lord inhabits the praise of His people, so sing His praises and watch Him draw nearer to you! Spend a while regular in reward and worship. While driving on your car, flip your radio at the nearby Christian tune station, or installed your preferred worship CD, and intentionally lift up your voice to the Lord. For simply the ones few moments, deliver Him your undivided attention. Make a completely happy noise unto the Lord! (Ps 100:1). He likes to be praised and loved.

This form of worship ushers inside the presence of God. There are countless stories within the Bible where God moved on behalf of individuals who praised Him. Pour your praises out and allow Him to talk on your heart. (And recall, God honors sacrificial reward. So, make a concerted attempt to reward Him while you’re at your lowest point in life. When you don’t sense like it’s far the first-rate time to command your lips to praise Him. He will honor your sacrifice and meet you proper in which you are! )

4. Read His Word. In order to deepen any dating, you have to get to realize the alternative character. John 1:1 tells us that inside the starting become the Word, and the Word become with God and the Word turned into God. So if you want to get to know Him, you must study His Word! Learn His likes and dislikes, His approaches and His dreams. Familiarize your self with His guarantees and His ideas.

Take some moments every day and clearly attention on the Word of God. As you read the scriptures, pray and ask Him to show Himself to you through His Word, and the Holy Spirit will help you to recognize and internalize them. Then you’ll be capable of follow his Word on your existence and proportion it with others. The key right here isn’t always isn’t to just understand the Word from an area of mind, however to connect with it on a non secular level. This can most effective be executed with the help of the Holy Spirit. Once you begin to revel in God thru His Word, you will undoubtedly feel the feel of peace and achievement that come from a close, meaningful courting with Him.