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Best and Most Popular Online Games of 2015

This year, we’ve seen the rise of a variety of online games that have become extremely popular. These include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six Siege. If you’re looking for a new game to play, you’ve come to the right place. These games are all making the headlines, and they are all well worth checking out.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG is a massively multiplayer online game which has gained a huge following. It is a first-person shooter and can be played with up to 100 players. This game features a battle royale deathmatch and realistic weapons. Players can play the game on PCs, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

However, PUBG is not perfect. It suffers from several problems, like immature players and technical issues. It is not one of the most visually impressive games and doesn’t have the best server performance. There are some problems with collision detection, as characters can get stuck behind an open door and fall down stairs.

PUBG has over a billion users worldwide. It has received numerous awards and has found a place in several international video game competitions. This game is so popular that developers have decided to rename the studio to PUBG Corporation.


The popularity of Overwatch is largely due to its fast-paced gameplay. It is a firstperson shooter game that offers exciting and challenging battles. While the competitive aspect of the game may not be to the liking of many, most players find that the thrill and excitement of playing it far outweighs the competition. Many players also enjoy the casual nature of the game, so it is not surprising that most people prefer it to other competitive games.

The game offers a number of game modes, including competitive and team-based matchmaking. Players choose from a large selection of playable characters. They can play as a tank, damage dealer, or healer. Each team consists of two players who play as each of these three roles. Despite being only a year old, Overwatch is already drawing in huge numbers. As a result, more players than ever are attempting to rise through the ranks and win cash prizes.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online game that features a battle arena where players control one of 100 different characters called heroes. These characters are characterized by their unique skills, attributes, and items. They are designed to overcome the challenges placed before them and help their teams win. The game is free to download and can be played anywhere that has an internet connection. To play, you will need a mid-range PC or laptop.

The gameplay is challenging and involves a variety of actions, such as stacking jungle creeps, pulling jungle creeps, and counter-initiation. These actions, combined with tiny advantages during specific sections of the game, can lead to huge victories. A huge part of the appeal of Dota 2 is the feeling of teamwork that comes from working together to overcome challenges. The game encourages people to execute what they know in a challenging and realistic environment.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter game that pits two teams of players against each other in skirmishes. It was launched in 2015, and has continued to grow and evolve since then. Ubisoft Montreal is actively supporting the game and regularly releases updates to address bugs and address community feedback. It has also spawned a healthy community with many dedicated players.

One of the biggest differences between Rainbow Six Siege and other shooters is the amount of pre-mission planning. The game rewards Pragmatic Play who are patient, which is why the game encourages a more strategic approach. In Rainbow Six Siege, you can choose from a roster of operators. Each of these operators has their own special skills and abilities, and you can customize your squad accordingly. In addition to this, the game’s environment can change, so it’s vital that you’re aware of your surroundings.


Minecraft has a thriving community, and the numbers show it. The game had 139 million active players as of Feb. 2021, almost as many as the game’s predecessor GTA V had in its lifetime. This popularity is evidence that Minecraft is not a dead game, despite internet trolls’ claims. The game had slumped following the collapse of YouTube’s “golden age” of gaming videos, but it has persevered and broken many records even without the media spotlight. It now enjoys all-time highs in terms of player count and sales.

Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is among the best and most popular online video games ever. It has a huge following and was recently acquired by tech giant Microsoft. Minecraft has many different game modes and encourages creative and imaginative building. It also provides an option to protect yourself against nighttime mobs.