Different Kinds of Locks on Safes

When it comes to buying high-security safes, the majority of manufacturers will offer you two options to locks: digital and mechanical. There are several other types of specialty locks that do not fall into these categories, however mechanical and digital are the most commonly used options. It is possible to ask which type of lock is best one for you. This isn’t an easy thing to answer because it is dependent on your individual preferences cabinet lock manufacturers.

About Mechanical Dial Locks

The combination lock made of mechanical is the oldest of other type of safe lock. There’s an explanation for that since they’ve been able to stand through the times and are one of the most reliable locks on the market for safes.

This type of safe lock needs an three-digit number combination. The combination is opened by turning the dial until it has reached the number.

A lot of manufacturers that offer this type of lock set the combination in a manner that can’t be changed unless you replace the dial completely.

While they can be bulky and slow to open than padlocks with digital locks, mechanical locks are still sturdy and long-lasting. A combination lock that is installed on the safe can endure for several generations.

Today, “spyproof” combination locks are on the market, which hides the marks of the index from view from the front. This type of lock works very well when your lock is placed behind a counter that is visible, but at home , it’s additional feature that you don’t require, and makes the dial difficult to read, particularly when it’s placed in the closet.

Electronic or Digital Locks

Digital lock is a modern technology for secure security. Digital locks are in the form of an electronic pad that you can press keys to input the right combination to unlock it. One benefit that comes from this is that it’s simple to alter the combination more often should you need to. If you also use the safe frequently, the electronic dial pads let users to enter the safe more quickly than the combination dial.

There are many inexpensive, electronic locks imported from China which you could be enticed to buy for a bargain but they’re not worth the cost. These locks have a tendency to break easily and be worn out in a short period of time. The best brands of digital locks on the other hand will last at least ten years or more.

If you have an electronic pad safe, it is recommended to change the password every often to ensure that the keys don’t get worn out and reveal the numbers are opening the safe.

Whatever type of lock you like purchase the most reliable safe on sale.