How to Play Left-Handed Golf With the Rules

Wedges are a special club that is designed to increase loft but not distance. They can be left or right handed. The necessity to be able to increase accuracy and deal with hazards around the green, such as a bunker or hill, led to the creation of wedges. This wedge can be landed softly and with minimal roll. It is essential for those golfers who want to improve their scores and lower their handicap. To master the wedge, it is important to learn the following rules:

* Keep your lower body straight and your hips open. Golfers should have a posture that allows you to move your arms and shoulders freely. Do not try to lift Best golf wedges or scoop the ball. Instead, turn your wrists and hit the ball down and through.

Place your feet together to allow your arms and upper body to work together.

You should adjust your backswings to make it possible to hit great wedge shots. You will need to backswipe less for shorter distances and vice versa.

Your shoulders should be aligned with the ball, and your chest should be turned towards the target. While your arms are free, your arms should remain free. You can allow your left or right handed golf wedges flow by just keeping a light grip on the club. Don’t force your wedge to make a shot.

* Lefties should keep their left foot on the ground. Right-handed players should do the same with their right foot.

* Keep your hands down when you hit the ball and go through it to get a better result.

You should seriously consider playing golf if you want to be a professional. You can search online for the perfect wedge or visit your local store to find it. You can also opt for a customized wedge if you have difficulty finding a set. You can find great wedges at secondhand shops, which will have a lot of good equipment. For those with left-handed golfers who have difficulty finding the right wedges, it is still a good idea to order custom-made.