It is a Sprint Into the 4G Wireless Revolution With AT&T Trailing Verizon Cell Phone Network

Just when you thought that you were all you required to know about cell network and smart networks for phones. When you thought that you knew where all dead zones are in your vicinity or along the way to your favorite location, there’s an exciting game Changer on the way; it’s the wireless 4G network. In the realm of 4G wireless technology there are a lot of companies that are leading the field.

The companies mentioned include Sprint and Sprint is moving ahead and opening the doors of San Francisco to 4G capabilities in the present. Also, there’s AT&T which is the dominant player in a number of states as well as Verizon with a greater number of subscribers and a huge competitive advantage in market shares. But 4G wireless is fast making all that 3G wireless technology obsolete, and the race to be the next is now on. These companies are urging you to buy a fully-featured Smart Phone like yesterday, one that has GPS, video chat news feeds, streaming TV on mobile, and a staggering amount of internet surfing speeds Wi-Fi Site survey.

If you think that your 3G cell phone through either the AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Network is good now but you aren’t seeing anything yet. All three companies is expected to spend billions more on upgrading their networks. Additionally both Apple’s iPhone as well as the Google Nexus One stand to gain an even larger share of the market. There’s a rumor that you’ll be able purchase the Google Nexus One and it will run in Verizon. Verizon network, while prior to that, you could only use only the AT&T Network with that model.

So, who’s sprinting the fastest in terms of the rollout of 4G wireless? It’s obvious that the leader in opening new markets with their blitz marketing-type teams must be Sprint They are so active on the ground and also with their dealers in indirect ways, you can bet that they are giving the big guys a tough time for their money in these days.

Of of course, Sprint is huge and it’s not Spring Chicken either really. You can see a complete list of all cities that are 4G on Sprint and searching for forward slash 4G. The company has stated that it is offering four-G mobile phone internet as well as cell phone combo services 3G and 4G.

Raleigh North Carolina

Greensboro North Carolina

San Antonio Texas

Seattle and Tacoma Washington

Bellingham Washington

Portland Oregon

Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Midland Odessa Texas

Lubbock Texas

Waco — Killen — Temple Texas

Wichita Falls Texas

Abilene Texas

Amarillo Texas

Austin Texas

Corpus Christi Texas

Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Atlanta Georgia

Milledgeville Georgia

Honolulu and Maui Hawaii

Brands that offer GE wireless data services cost priced at $59.99 per month if you subscribe for 24 months. You get 5GB per month of the data allowance, which is quite a substantial amount of information flowing. If you own an 4G wireless cell smartphone or mobile phone, you may continue to use your Sprint wireless broadband service on the entire range of 3G wireless websites even if you’re not in an area with 4G. If you’re going to a 4G zone, you are able to pay $9.99 for 24 hours of usage and add it to your 3G plan. It’s nearly as if Sprint has thought of every aspect.

It is a sure thing that others will be the first to be following. Naturally, things are set to become quite interesting in the smart phones industry and space especially in the old USA. I would like to invite you to take a look at this.