Limpid and Brilliant Crystal Jewelry

Men often struggle with what to get their loved ones during christmas, birthdays, or special occasions are are usually inclined to buy a gift so general in nature that it can often be used by anyone. What many men don’t know but should is that they should always look for a gift that will make a lasting impression upon the person receiving it.

If you are interested in expressing your love and appreciation for your wife, daughter, friend, or family member, one item that is sure to be a  Japanese spiritual healing  perfect fit is a custom-made Swarovski crystal bracelet. These kinds of bracelets are extremely affordable and clothing neutral – meaning they can be worn with just about any outfit – and are typically designed with something personal or relevant to the person who will wear it.

An example of a unique crystal bracelet is one made with birthstone crystals representing the month in which the person wearing it was born. For example, if your love one were born in January, they would wear a bracelet with a Garnet or Rose Quartz crystal bead. The following is a summary of birthstones for every month of the year:

– January – Garnet or Rose Quartz

– February – Amethyst or Onyx

– March – Aquamarine or Bloodstone

– April – Diamond or Rock Crystal

– May – Emerald or Chrysoprase

– June – Alexandrite or Pearl

– July – Ruby or Carnelion

– August – Periodot or Sardonyx

– September – Sapphire or Lapis

– October – Opal or Tourmaline

– November – Topaz or Citrine

– December – Tanzanite or Turquoise

Regardless of the kind of bracelet you think might envoke the ultimate in personal satisfaction, the most important thing to remember is that you can never go wrong when you buy a woman or your little sweetheart a bracelet that comes from the heart!