Learn how to play soccer

Soccer is the most loved sport in the world. It’s not surprising, then, that soccer is so popular with children all over the globe.

It may seem simple but there are many more aspects to playing soccer than meets the eye. Here are some skills that you will need to learn how to play soccer.

Learn the Rules

Understanding soccer’s rules is the first step to learning how to play. Soccer is a simple game but it has many complex rules that must be understood and learned early. When learning to play football, it is important to understand what constitutes a fair or unfair challenge, how to take the throw-in, as well as the confusing and controversial offside rule.

Basic Skills

It is important to have a foundational skill set when you learn how to play soccer. The skill of dribbling, ball control and shooting is the first thing that most soccer live score liga italia schools teach. After mastering these skills, the player can move on to shooting, heading, and tackling. These basic elements are essential for any soccer player. They will improve with practice and time.


After a player has learned how to play soccer, he or she must learn about tactics.

Many coaches offer tactical training through coaching exercises. Some even use DVDs to help get their point across. Only when a player is able to understand the role of tactics and how they can be applied in a match, can they fully appreciate the importance and role of the coach.

Additional Attributes

It is more than just technical skills that are important when learning how to play soccer. Great football players are committed and professional. It is important to have the right attitude and be able to bounce back from setbacks. You also need to plan your nutrition and exercise routines to keep your body in top condition. These are all important factors that are often overlooked. However, it is crucial to combine these elements with hard work, practice, and dedication if you want to play football well.