Which Air Track is Perfect?

Air Track is a mat that comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. It often becomes difficult to choose from variety of styles and sizes. But it’s good to know which size and styles works best for you. Here is a quick sheet that can help out you to make a reasonable decision regarding air track:


It is said that the thicker an air track is, the bouncier it is. The most common given choices in terms of thickness are 4-inch, 8 inch, or 12 inch. 13 inches mats thickness is more popular with commercial trampoline parts and power tumbling. For home usage, 4 to 8 inches are best choices.


Air track obviously takes a definite length. It is said that 8 feet per skill is a perfect length. If you are interested to take multiple skills then obviously a 16 or 20 feet length of air track mats are perfect.

Price and Quality

Last but not the least, price and Quality are interested features to be considered. It is yourdefined responsibility as a buyer and consumer to look for every reseller, manufacturer, and e-commerce site that offers best quality air track. Our recommended e-commerce site is Kameymall.It seems more appealing in terms of best product quality and price.